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Scooter Children's toys/Flash skateboard monopod/Folding graffiti Can lift/oversize 2-12 year old men and women (Color : BLUE) - B07FJYGPFX

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  • * Environmental protection PP material, folding, height adjustable, widening high-elastic wear-resistant flash wheel, non-slip pedal, environmental protection soft handle

  • * Can stimulate your baby's athletic ability, improve baby's balance ability, left and right brain coordination, exercise inspiration, physical coordination, intellectual development, mother's confidence, baby happy

  • * Safe folding, easy storage, no space, can put the trunk, use high-quality safety and environmental protection materials, environmental protection, non-toxic, without any butter, toxic additives such as glue, care about your health

  • * Increase the contact area, prevent rollover, height adjustment, from small to large, handle and seat height adjustment, suitable for different age groups, high elastic wear-resistant magnetic flash wheel, no battery lasting light, wear mute anti-corrosion , safety slide

  • * Anti-collision, let the children slide more safely, take a triangular structure, prevent forward lean, shock absorber design, increase the damping spring, effectively relieve the wheel vibration, thereby cushioning the body vibration

  • Colour:Blue

    Product Name: Scooter
    Number of products: 1
    Product size: as shown
    Product color: pink, green, orange, blue
    Product material: aluminum alloy + environmental protection nylon +PU wheel
    Height adjustment: 66-89cm
    Bearing weight: about 150kg
    Use age: 2-12 years old
    * This product only contains scooters and does not include any products on the photo
    * Manual measurement, there may be a slight error, please refer to the actual product
    * Each baby's photo is taken in kind, but due to differences in light, display and personal color, the color difference is very small, requesting forgiveness
    * Delivery time is generally 10-15 days. If you have not received the purchased product within 30 days, please contact us in time, we will try our best to solve it for you.
    * If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The customer is God, I hope you like your purchase, I wish you a happy shopping.
    Important reminder
    * After adjusting the angle of the scooter, the screws must be tightened, which can significantly extend the life of the scooter. It is strictly forbidden to pull out the entire screw and its parts.
    *Tighten the screws of the parts regularly (once a month), wipe the scooter with a damp cloth, do not rinse the scooter, otherwise it will easily damage the wheel parts and will not shine.

    Scooter Children's toys/Flash skateboard monopod/Folding graffiti Can lift/oversize 2-12 year old men and women (Color : BLUE) - B07FJYGPFX

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